20+ Dark Pick Up Lines For A Serious & Humorous Date

Dark Pick up lines are used in a conversation that is hard and direct. So direct that some people might find it rude and inappropriate. These are best fitted for a fueled-up intimate date. When you are gone past the coziness and cuddliness of a budding romance, only then there is a chance for these dirty pick up lines. You can go ahead and try these dark pick-up lines on a stranger too, and you might get lucky and get a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Using these pick-up lines doesn’t necessarily make you a dark person. But on the contrary, it shows the comfort level between the two individuals.

Not everyone likes the cheesy pick-up lines and romantic nature of a conversation. Normal pick up lines can work well for a casual relationship. But when you really want to take things to the next level, then these clever pick up lines will set the stage on fire with no boundaries.

Dark Souls Pick Up Lines

The lines are not for the faint-hearted ones, for that you can look at the cute pick up lines instead. Also do keep in mind that attempting these dark pick up lines without confidence can often offend people. However, if you are bold enough to execute the right pick up line at the right time on the right individual, you might surprise them with the dark and cringy pick up lines. And you might be surprised by the results later.

But we cannot stress on this enough that these pick up lines are a bit serious. So, be careful while passing comments on someone using these corny pick up lines.

So with all that said and done, let us look at some amazing dark pick up lines.

Pick up Lines Dark

  1. Tell me you are a banana because I find you peeling.
  2. You have the most beautiful tatas I have ever seen. Can I be reincarnated as your child? I would like to suck on then till I am old and graying.
  3. If I could choose a place around you to live, I will choose your socks. I want to be with you only every damn step of the journey.
  4. You look very familiar. Have I met you recently? It must be the clothes that are confusing me. I can’t identify you with them.
  5. What genre of music do you like? Why not heavy metal? I can make you learn how to scream.
  6. I’m stalking you because you might as well be a cornfield.
  7. How do I get the STUD? I only have STD and U are all I need!
  8. Wow! I could never have guessed you look way better in person than what I have been seeing through my telescope.
  9. Can I borrow that shirt off you right now? I want to go pay the bartender but I don’t wanna go alone.
  10. Smell this rag! I’m sure you can inhale the chloroform.

Dark Pick up Lines for Guys

  1. You want to call the cops. Go ahead, see who comes first.
  2. If you ever want to have the first kid, you will get in bed with me.
  3. I wish I could be your bathwater. So I can slither all around your books and crevices.
  4. You can call me baby. All I want to be is inside you forever.
  5. Hey, I have candy out in the back. It is in my van. Would you care for some?
  6. I’m throwing you a house party. On my bed.
  7. Let me spell my love for you S-T-A-L-K-E-R
  8. If your feeling down, remember, I’ll feel you back up.
  9. OOOOOh, baby, you must have wished upon a star cause today is your lucky day!
  10. Hey baby, you must be a light switch, because every time I see you, you turn me on!

Pick up Lines Dark Humor

  1. I will hate having to spike your drink. Simply agree with me now.
  2. I would like to have a clone of you to myself. Can you offer me your groin hair? I hear that works better.
  3. There must be something wrong with my eyesight. I need your help, I just can’t take them off you.
  4. Stop being melancholic. I know your crush is dead. I did it so that you can be with me.
  5. I love your T-shirt. Can I study it in Braille? And no, you don’t have to take it off.
  6. Can I ask you to drop dead? I’m a necrophiliac and I might just think about it.
  7. You have such a banging body, the last time I had such a body to myself, I was stuffing it in my basement.
  8. I am trying to establish a p*** network. Will you do me the honor of being my first client?
  9. I hate a ride but I would have to come between you and your dress. It is not needed at the moment
  10. How do you like your milk delivery? Across the front or back? I wouldn’t mind taking it through the back.

Dark Pick up Lines for Tinder

  1. You know how they say bats can see in the dark? Well, you should see what THIS bat can do in the dark!
  2. If you get lost in the midst of darkness I will help you find the iron rod.
  3. Hey baby, want to see a fusion between my white Dragon and your Dark Hole?
  4. I just wrote about you in my dark emotional journal. Wanna read?
  5. How are you not tired? You’ve been engaged in a naked marathon in my mind all day.
  6. I love your T-shirt. Can I study it in Braille. And no, you don’t have to take it off.
  7. I want to touch you but you have to promise not to call the cops.
  8. I’m having trouble thinking straight. All the blood from my brain have been drained to give me a boner.
  9. You know what I have got? A knife and a p****. One of them is going inside you tonight.
  10. What’s the difference between a jet and a boner? I don’t have a jet.

Dark Humored Pick up Lines

  1. Baby, you remind me of a film reel
  2. ..I just wanna take you in a dark room and see what develops! 😉
  3. Hey, is it just me, or are we destined to be married?
  4. I’m sick. My medicine is to talk to you.
  5. I want to live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.
  6. Shall I wait for you in my car, or will the closet suffice?
  7. There’s a tornado, come in my basement.
  8. I don’t want to come between you or do I
  9. I find your lack of nudity disturbing.
  10. Do you like rainbows, coz you can taste my rainbow any time.

Dark Funny Pick up Lines

  1. Know what would look good on you? CRUTCHES
  2. If you ever want to see your children again, you’ll do what I want.
  3. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
  4. I only thought about you once today–I just never stopped.
  5. Hi there I’m a dark and tortured super hero!
  6. Want to see my dark night rise?
  7. You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages, you light up my world.
  8. How about me and you go in a dark room and make a coalition
  9. Hello, my name is Endo let me show you the Dark Side.
  10. I just wrote about you in my dark emotional journal.
  11. Wanna read?

Dark Humour Pick up Lines

  1. Hey baby, are you made up of dark matter? Because you’re indescribable.
  2. You must be Catwoman cause the Dark Knight Rises.
  3. I got you something special baby; it’s the condom I used when I lost my virginity.
  4. I’m the kind of man who deserves to have women I don’t deserve.
  5. I have a fetish for feet, can I lick your toes? (if no) Please?!
  6. I’m throwing a house party. and the only person invited is you.
  7. I have a van out the back, and there is free candy in it.
  8. Hi, I’m a fashion photographer. Would you like to be in my next photoshoot?
  9. Hi, (look her up and down) you’ll do.
  10. You might want to call a bomb squad because there’s going to be an explosion in your anus.

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