Disney Pick Up Lines That Will Take You To A Magical Romantic Journey!

Sitting in a corner in Disney Land, and your crush just walked by. And the alarms in your head go ringing. No, not the fire alarm, but that’s your cue to use some good old Disney pick up lines. You can rest assured that they will not sound out of place as the setting is perfect for you. All you have to do is use some good pick up lines from the Disney playbook and the stake is yours for the taking.

The romantic pick up lines from Disney never fail to amaze. The Disney universe is full of amazing romances like Mickey and Minnie, Aladin and Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Disney’s vault doesn’t only have funny pick up lines. But there is also some amazing dirty pick up lines to bring the Maleficent darkness out of the forest. So hop on the carpet of these great pick up lines from Disney and fly towards A whole new world!

Cute Disney pick up lines

  1. Damn, you take love to infinity and beyond.
  2. You are worth melting for.
  3. I am so lost in your eyes I am like Nemo. You better find me.
  4. I will go the distance for you any day.
  5. All this ice but you still melted my heart.
  6. Do you know what really sucks? I have crabs, it is A Bugs Life.
  7. You know, I am hooked on you.
  8. I had show you my world, but I am sure you own a mirror.
  9. You are so Hans-some.
  10. You are part of the circle of my life.

Disney Princess Pick up Lines

  1. Is your name Ariel? Because I think we mermaid for each other.
  2. You are my Cinderella ella
  3. I can make any fairy moan…All I need to do is Tink’er’bell.
  4. What is this, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  5. Hey Jasmine, does the magic carpet match the drapes?
  6. Hey Cinderella let us see if this fits!
  7. You said you were looking for the girl with the glass slipper but baby boy I can be your Cinderella ella ella eh eh.
  8. Do not worry, Cinderella. I will get you home before the clock strikes 12.
  9. Forget Aladdin, I’m thinking bout Jasmine’s carpet.
  10. Sha-la-la-la-la-la do not be scared, you got the moves prepared, you want to kiss me, girl.

Funny Disney Pick up Lines

  1. So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?
  2. Hey girl, are you Woody from Toy Story? Because I feel like as soon as I walk into the room you pretend to not be alive.
  3. Hi hoe, hi hoe. It’s off to my place we go!
  4. Dang girl, are you the old lady from UP? Because I haven´t even been here for five minutes and you´re already gone.
  5. Woah, girl are you from France because madamn.
  6. They don’t call me Woody for nothing!
  7. My name is Sebastian but I do not have crabs.
  8. I can say you aren’t cute, but I’d be lion.
  9. Call me Pooh, because all I want is you, honey.
  10. I just saw our whole lives flash before my eyes in 10 minutes. We are destined to be together.

Disney Pick up Lines Cute

  • I think you are a girl worth fighting for.
  • You must be the eighth dwarf, Sexy.
  • Can you feel the love tonight?
  • Do you remember my name? You Don’t? You Dumbo
  • The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
  • Hey, you have got a friend with benefits in me.
  • You have really nice eyes. You remind me of Quasimodo.
  • I use and own butt plugs, now tell me about your Toy Story.
  • I lie only because they used to call me the Lion King.
  • Oh, Oobee Doo, I wanna be with you. I wanna walk with you, talk with you, it is true.

Disney channel Pick up Lines

  • A magic carpet isn’t the only thing you’ll be riding tonight.
  • We can start our own circle of life, just meet me at my house.
  • Give me a Woody and I’ll make you Buzz for light years.
  • I’d really like to Poke-her-hontas.
  • I had dress in drag and do the hula for you.
  • One night with me, and I will show you a whole new world.
  • If you asked me if I could show you my bare necessities, I had tell you I shere khan.
  • Your body is a wonderland, and I had like to be Alice.
  • Short guys get me all flustered.
  • You are wicked hot.

Sweet Disney Pick up Lines

  • Could you help me? I am late for a very important date with you.
  • There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.
  • Apparently, none of them has ever been in your arms.
  • You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make me go down.
  • Can you feel the love tonight?
  • What is around your riverbend?
  • Saw you sleeping on the ground like Pocahontas.
  • You know what they say about men with big noses.
  • Is that Pinocchio in there? No, just a boner.
  • I like a woman who speaks her mind & can handle a long sword.
  • Do you trust me?

Cartoon Pick up Lines Disney

  • I must be a Beast, because you are definitely a Beauty.
  • You are Tiggeriffic.
  • Whether Jafar or Ja-close, I will always be yours.
  • You must be Pumbaa cause baby I have got no worries.
  • I don’t need to take you on the Tower of Terror to get you screaming.
  • Can I Hakuna your Mata-tas?
  • Hey baby, I can tell we both love the same things : Me!
  • Things are much better down where it’s wetter.
  • Oh, Momma , I’m so sweet that I’ve got a mouth full of cavities.
  • Let us just say my bed is covered in Monsters Inc.

Disney Character Pick up Lines

  • If I were Peter Pan, you would be my happy thought.
  • You can call me Nemo because I am never afraid to touch the butt.
  • My name is not Sully, but you could be my Boo.
  • You must be Lightning McQueen because you have got my heart racing.
  • Call me Pooh because all I want is you, honey.
  • My name’s Mickey, and there’s nothing Minnie about me.
  • Let’s play Pinocchio. You sit on my face and I’ll tell you lies.
  • Do you wanna get Goofy?
  • Are you a Disney princess? Because you are (cinder)hella fine!
  • I’ll bippity bop you, girl.

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