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20+ Cute Pick up Lines To Tickle the Romantic Nerve!

The initial phase of love and relationships is all about butterflies in the stomach, the cute mushy love where your heart pounds on seeing them in front of you, where every second of staying apart feels like ages. Let’s just admit that it’s happened to all of us at some point of time and we have all gone blank and clueless at that moment when it came to starting a conversation with the most beloved person on the earth. Surprisingly for all those moments we have some cute pick up lines which will help you start the conversation without ruining the best moments of your life.

40+ Corny Pick up Lines That Are Actually Bad

On a certain day, imagine meeting a person who is so attractive that you instantly feel like talking to them and taking things to the next level. If the equation that you want to share with the person is not that of a cute, good and committed relation but of a sassy, casual and beyond a friend kinda relationship, then these Corny pick-up lines will pave the way for you to get into that zone.

30+ Halloween Pickup Lines For A Trick Or Treat Date

The winds are cold and the leaves are falling. The sky is growing dark and the ghosts are calling. When the pumpkin heads come out and the creepies start crawling. That can only mean one thing. It is that time of the year again. Its Halloween. It is time for candy and costumes and parties. But most importantly, it is the only time when you can invade the hood and drop some Halloween Pickup Lines.

60+ Best Bumble Pick Up Lines To Grab the Attention

Have you ever swiped right & waited for the response? This response always gives a positive feeling deep inside your gut whenever you match with someone. And then the next step is to impress them with your introductory conversation starter lines, which should be some romantic lines. Thinking of which makes you freeze. So, you must try Bumble pick up lines to impress your partner.

40+ Star Wars Pick up Lines to Make the Force Strong!

Do you ever get the feeling that you will have to travel to another galaxy far away to find the right one for you? Or stumble upon Obi-Wan Kanobi himself to teach you some good pickup lines and show you some hope. Well have no fear, Star Wars Pickup Lines will become your Master Yoda to guide your inner force of enchantment.

50+ Good Pick Up Lines To Start A Romantic Relationship

Love and relationships are an integral part of anyone’s life. In today’s date, where you have a high chance of bumping into your special someone anywhere, right from a train ride, club, outings, office or any fun event, it’s almost become necessary to be prepared to ace that first move. After all, your future dates depend on the first conversation that you make when the time’s right. For those who feel pressurized after reading this, don’t worry we are there to help you. Here’s a list of all the good pick up lines that will help you win over your love. These good pick-up lines work as magic and are great for both Men and Women to help them spark up their romance and make the date successful.

50+ Harry Potter Pick up Lines for Potterheads That Works Like Magic

Do you know what is common between Muggles and Potterheads? The world is full of them. When you are in search of a special connection, a soulmate if you will, you can rest assured 8 out of 10 times that they are going to be a Potterhead. So the Harry Potter Pickup Lines are your best bet against them and we are providing you the best Harry Potter pickup lines. As for the rest, well they can hope that they get some “Liquid Luck”. These great pickup lines will help you Slytherin to their dungeon and soon you will both be HufflePuffing towards each other. Not only that, these clever pick up lines will work like Alohomora to unlock your crush’s heart. 

20+ Dark Pick Up Lines For A Serious & Humorous Date

Dark Pick up lines are used in a conversation that is hard and direct. So direct that some people might find it rude and inappropriate. These are best fitted for a fueled-up intimate date. When you are gone past the coziness and cuddliness of a budding romance, only then there is a chance for these dirty pick up lines. You can go ahead and try these dark pick-up lines on a stranger too, and you might get lucky and get a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Using these pick-up lines doesn’t necessarily make you a dark person. But on the contrary, it shows the comfort level between the two individuals.

40+ Hilarious Minecraft Pick Up Lines To Burst Fun

Minecraft is a game that has skyrocketed to popularity and so has the Minecraft pick up lines. There is a great chance that one your heart is craving for, indeed digs Minecraft. No matter if it is a guy or a girl, everybody loves Minecraft. This is where the best Minecraft pick up lines come in handy. You have a great chance of igniting a spark and exploding the TNT of love with these funny pick up lines.

30+ Flirty Pick up Lines For Men & Women To Spark Conversation

If you are planning to approach your crush or the love of your life, the first thing that should be done correctly is Flirting. It’s casually telling your crush about “Hey there, someone’s falling in love with you!” One cannot stress enough about how crucial flirting is during the initial stage to drop your crush a hint and woo them. Flirting if done correctly with keeping the right balance of romance and decency could kickstart a smooth conversation and to help you with this, here’s a set of 30+ trendy flirty pick-up lines.

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