90+ Science Pick Up Lines To Fulfil Your Nerdy Needs!

The world of science is mesmerizing. It lights up the curiosity in a person and makes them wander in awe. You can use the power of science by showing off your Nerdy side and using the Science Pickup Lines. These amazingly good pickup lines not only show off your social but also your intellectual understanding and solidify your chance to carve an impression.

You can approach your love interest and start off on a light node by using some humorous and funny pick up lines. After that, you can gradually take the conversation to your predefined path by some clever use of Science pickup lines. “Don’t overdo!” is the law here, or else all your efforts will go in vain. You can also hunt for the dark matter inside your partner by using some Dark pickup lines. So, initiate the experiment and create your own Quantum theory of love.

Some Best Science Pick up Lines are:

  1. Anaerobic respiration reminds me of how you take my breath away.
  2. Are you a red blood cell? Because you never fail in delivering what my heart needs.
  3. Being near you gives me a feeling similar to that of having a rhinovirus. I can’t catch my breath around you.
  4. Blood is red. Cyanosis is blue. I get heart palpitations whenever I see of you.
  5. By any chance, are you my appendix? I have absolutely no idea how you work but I really want to take you out.
  6. Did you do something to my cerebellum? I hope it’s not damaged because I’m starting to uncontrollably sway, stagger, and fall for you.
  7. Don’t you worry about all the hot mess we’re going to make because I asked some lysosomes to come and clean up later.
  8. For some reason, my cardiovascular system becomes restless when you’re around.
  9. Greetings, fellow primate! May I interest you in some gametes?
  10. Hey, let’s try making a zygote!
  11. Hi, I’m a T cell, and I’m here to protect you from everything.
  12. I don’t need neurons to stimulate your sensory system.
  13. I love each and every bone in your body, especially mine.
  14. If I told you that you have a wonderful antibody, would you hold it against me?
  15. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and you are the powerhouse of my life.
  16. If we were chromosomes, you’d be my homologous pair.
  17. Just like osteoarthritis, you’re really making me weak in the knees.
  18. Let’s pretend that we’re both RNA and transcribe together to form DNA.
  19. My dopamine levels rise whenever you’re nearby.
  20. Nothing is as sweet as you. Not even fructose!
  21. Our combined genes would definitely create exceptional offspring.
  22. Please fondle my vesicles while I caress your Golgi body.
  23. Seeing your gluteus maximus makes my phallus tingle.
  24. So, do you want to exchange genetic information with me?
  25. The way your corona artery wraps around your heart is exactly the way I want to wrap myself around you.
  26. There’s a way to enjoy aerobic respiration in this room. Do you want me to tell you how?
  27. When I first saw you, I thought you were a mutant because you have such freakishly good looks.
  28. Whenever I see you, my hypothalamus secretes serotonin.
  29. Wow, look how your chromosomes have combined beautifully!
  30. You and me baby, we’re stuck like glu-cose!
  31. Make my myocardium pump blood through my circulatory system really fast.
  32. You must be phylum because you seem to be above class.
  33. You’re just like amylase because you make everything taste sweeter.
  34. Your infectious smile puts cholera to shame.
  35. Your lips may be saying no, but your endorphins are saying yes.
  36. Are you certain we haven’t had the same class before? I’m pretty sure we had great chemistry together.
  37. Are you the result of the combination of Copper and Tellurium? That’s because you’re so Cu-Te!
  38. By any chance, is your atomic number 11? Well, it’s because you are sodium fine!
  39. Combine Beryllium, Gold and Titanium together and we get you—a mesmerizing Be-Au-Ti!
  40. Can you tell me the oxidation state of this atom? If you can’t, then you can tell me your phone number instead?
  41. Do you know why Uranium is my favorite element on the periodic table of elements? That’s because I love U!
  42. Do you want to share some valence electrons? This way, we can have a stable relationship.
  43. Even if a concentration gradient tries to separate us, I will do everything I can to cross it just to be with you.
  44. Every orbital in my life is half-filled without you.
  45. Flourine, Iodine, and Neon must be your primary components because you’re so F-I-Ne.
  46. From now on, I will call you Avogadro. This way, I would already know your number.
  47. I would tell you more chemistry pick-up lines, but all the good ones Argon!
  48. I’ve got my ion you for quite a while now. Don’t you think we should get together?
  49. In my own version of the periodic table of elements, the number one element is U.
  50. Just say the word and I’ll be more than willing to fill your orbital?
  51. Let’s show Potassium and water that the two of us can make a more energetic reaction together than them!
  52. Look what I’ve got—a molecular model kit! Do you want to play with my stick and balls?
  53. Oh, I see you’re made of Beryllium and Barium. You’re such a total Ba-Be!
  54. Permit me to restructure the periodic table of elements and I would place U and I together.
  55. Roses are red. Bromothymol is blue. My love for you doesn’t have an endpoint.
  56. Should I try putting my specimen into your test tube?
  57. The two of us go perfectly together like hydrogen and oxygen.
  58. The way you spread your hotness everywhere makes me think you’re an exothermic reaction.
  59. To me, you’re just like hydrogen because you’re number 1!
  60. Would you be willing to show me your Arsenic Sulfide?
  61. Would you like me to do you periodically on the table?
  62. Wow, you are undeniably exothermic! I bet you get that reaction a lot.
  63. You breathe oxygen too? We have so much in common!
  64. You’re way hotter than sulfur hydroxide and ethyl acetate combined.
  65. Your backside reminds me of Nickel, Cerium, Arsenic and Sulfur. What a Ni-Ce As-S!
  66. Your pH factor mush be 14, because you’re the most basic need in my life right now.
  67. About 100 trillion neutrinos penetrate your body every second. Mind if I join in?
  68. According to Newton’s law of universal gravitation, If I’m attracted to you, then you’re attracted to me.
  69. Ångström and independent. You can always count on me!
  70. All I want is to fill that vacuum in your heart.
  71. Are we going to do some gravity experiments? Okay, let’s test how fast I would free fall for you.
  72. Are you centripetal force? Because you make my world go round.
  73. Are you interested in learning the practical applications of the laws of friction and acceleration? Let us get a room and I’ll show you.
  74. Are you up for some fusion?
  75. Baby, are you curious about torque? We can learn about it by placing your mass on my rod.
  76. Can you help me figure out our bodies’ coefficient of friction?
  77. Come to me when you’re ready for the Big Bang.
  78. Don’t deny it, I know you can travel at the speed of light! I figured it out because time always seems to stop whenever I see you.
  79. Don’t tell anyone but I just had a supernova in my pants.
  80. Forget about the quantum theory! Let’s go somewhere private, and I promise I won’t Bohr you.
  81. For this experiment, you will be measuring the rigidity of this object of mine.
  82. How about we conduct some heat? With our bodies, of course.
  83. I know an exciting way to convert our potential energy into kinetic energy? But first, let’s go somewhere private.
  84. I want to study thermodynamics because I want to learn the reason why you’re so hot.
  85. I’ve got the mass and the acceleration, so get ready for some thrust force!
  86. Just call me if you want to use my lever to shift your center of mass.
  87. Not even Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin can measure how hot you are!
  88. Remember, the size of the vector doesn’t matter. What truly matters is the way the force is delivered.
  89. So, I’m doing an experiment on elastic collision. Can you help me by bumping my body with your body?
  90. The clothes you’re wearing makes you look really great. But, do you know what would look better? Your clothes accelerating towards the floor at 9.8 m/s!
  91. The second law of thermodynamics states that you should share your hotness with me.
  92. There’s no doubt about the fact that you’re more special than relativity.
  93. Wanna dance? I can really put your inertia in motion.
  94. Woah, that attractive field of yours is pulling me in! By any chance, are you a Van de Graaff generator?
  95. You’ve been here for short while, but my heart is beating really fast and I can feel some surface tension between us.
  96. Your gravitational pull is irresistible!

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